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Radio Club of North Karelia, Finland – OH7AB

Welcome to visit our club – virtually on this web page, or even better, to visit our club house located in Joensuu, East Finland.

The club house doors are open for visitors on Wednesdays from 18:00 local time, or by appointment. Please contact the local hams on the VHF repeater 145.750 MHz , or contact the club chairman by GSM/SMS +358 40 8689945. We are sure you will feel yourself very welcome, and you can spend a nice evening with a cup of coffee together with friends.

The club station has got a radio gear for the HF and VHF bands, for normal operation on the most common amateur frequencies.

Where to find?

Our club is located in Joensuu. See Google map.

Club address:
Tonttulankatu 20 B 41

For mail:
Tonttulankatu 20 B 41

oh7ab at

FM repeaters

List of our repeaters:

Call Freq. out Freq. in Locator Tone
OH7RAB 145.750 MHz 145.150 MHz KP42VO 1750 Hz
OH7RUB 434.650 MHz 433.050 MHz KP42VO 1750 Hz

APRS activity

On the area we have a pretty good APRS coverage on 144.800 MHz. We are very keen on to see visitors on the map!